Conference scope

This scientific conference’s research topics include theory, measurement, effects, crash risks, and prevention/mitigation related to distraction and inattention in the traffic system. Driver distraction is our main focus, but we also welcome research about other road users, such as pedestrians, bicyclists and users of new modes of transport, like electric scooters. More practical aspects of distraction and inattention and ways to prevent and mitigate injuries or fatalities, including education, road design, legislation and stakeholder coordination, are also in the scope of the conference.

The overall theme for DDI2024 is “Advances in the understanding and management of distraction and inattention for all road users.”

Below please find examples of topics that fit in the conference:


Defining distraction and inattention

Distraction and inattention for vulnerable road users, including new forms of mobility, e.g. micromobility

Behavior changes induced by the introduction of automation technologies

Mechanisms of distraction and inattention

Assessment of distraction and inattention

Models of distraction and inattention

Various sources of distraction (advertising, wearable devices, etc.)

Distraction in the context of automation

Factors that give rise to inattention and distraction

Driver engagement with technology as an addiction

The disconnected driver

Driver characteristics and individual differences

Theoretical aspects of driver monitoring


Effects on driving performance

Effects on driver behaviour and information processing

Effects on crash and near‐miss occurrences.

Impact on crash and injury risk

Factors mediating impact (e.g., age, experience and gender)

Measurement of distraction and inattention

Measurement of public perceptions about distraction and inattention

The impact of trust, overreliance and expectation on driver distraction and inattention

Methods for safety impact assessment, e.g:

  • Test track and driving simulator experiments
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Virtual simulations using computational driver models
  • The validity of safety impact assessment metrics


Investigations into countermeasures‘ efficacy

Challenges associated with data collection and analyses

Legislation and enforcement

Company and transport policies

Road and infrastructure design

Vehicle and human-vehicle interface design

Design of technologies that prevent or mitigate the impact of driver distraction and inattention on safety

Driver monitoring as a facilitator of countermeasures

Real‐time distraction prevention and mitigation systems


Education, training and driver licensing

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