University of Michigan, UMTRI & Mcity


Located at the focal point of the U.S. auto industry, the University of Michigan is taking the lead on tackling key current and future transportation and mobility challenges. This includes large efforts in connected and automated transportation, human factors and driver distraction, logistics and planning, management of big data from transportation systems, passenger and vulnerable road user safety, vehicle and infrastructure technology development/deployment, movement of freight and education in all of these domains of knowledge.

U-M is committed to working as part of the larger collective to support a community of forward-thinking leaders, tackling vexing problems with existing and future transportation systems, and making roads safer for all users.

For nearly sixty years the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute has been committed to making transportation safe and has carried out research that has had an impact on the lives of road users around the world. UMTRI research findings have influenced public policies, safety regulations, industry standards, and product design, all leading to safer highway travel and lives saved. UMTRI is on the forefront of connected and automated vehicle research, crash biomechanics and injury mechanisms, the evaluation of driver assistance and crash prevention systems, and the efficient movement of heavy freight. Additional efforts include The Center for the Management of Safe and Sustainable Transportation (CMISST) and Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation (SMART). CMISST gathers, combines, and analyzes all types of transportation data in transportation safety and sustainability, providing access to a rich array of data on driver behavior, fuel use, commercial transport, crash data, and other relevant, linkable datasets. SMART uses a systems approach to connect/catalyze research, living labs, education, and global learning related to the sustainable future of transportation.

Urbanization, population growth, and demographic shifts pose vexing transportation challenges threatening climate, energy security, social equity, productivity, and livability.


Founded in 1965, UMTRI is a global leader in transportation research and a partner of choice for industry leaders, foundations, and government agencies. UMTRI is one of the largest research institutes at U-M in terms of research expenditures, at $20 million annually. The institute has conducted over 1,000 research projects and collected hundreds of terabytes of data. Our multidisciplinary research includes short and long-term projects in areas involving social and behavioral analyses, accident data collection, traffic safety analysis, and standards development and testing, as well as the deployment and evaluation of new safety and mobility technologies.

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